January in the Snow Hole

January 26, 2011 News
Jan 262011

I’m happy to say that the D.C. area has continued in a “snow hole,” avoiding the East Coast blizzards—we certainly paid our snow dues last year! Even without snow days, I’m enjoying January as a time to regroup, rest, and reflect.

The Christmas season was very busy with concerts and holiday dances. The annual Hoag/Kelley/Pilzer Scandinavian Christmas at the Institute of Musical Traditions featured Andrea Larson, a wonderful singer and fiddler from New Hampshire and a long-time friend. It was great fun to reunite, learn some “new” old Swedish carols from Andrea, and meet her family who had come all the way from the Midwest to join in the festivities. Christmas Country Dance School in Berea was another highlight. I’ve played there many times over the years, and I lived in Berea in the late 70s, so it’s like a huge family reunion full of music, dance, stories, and many friends. This year there were 50 teens among the participants—it’s great to see the new generation dancing and playing music!

Project updates:

  • The Berntsons album is being mixed and mastered, and sounding mighty fine.
  • Fiddling Gals, my group of musical teens, is going strong.
  • The Old Doors/New Worlds Project pilot pod met for a productive session in November, and this winter we’re busy editing film and audio and planning for the future. Some fascinating new pods in the works too!

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