My aim is to guide students to

  • comfort, confidence, and skill with the instrument
  • an attitude of curiosity and open-minded problem-solving
  • an understanding of tradition and history
  • a free, playful, intelligent approach to improvising and creating
  • playing that expresses depth of feeling and an appreciation of each tune’s unique character

My approach is student-centered: my goal is to meet each student where s/he is and facilitate finding the next steps and the wider view. I have deep respect for the traditions I’m privileged to carry, and deep respect also for individual creativity and the unending possibilities in music.

In teaching workshops and groups, I aim to keep each person comfortable, challenged, and listening well to each other. I enjoy coaching existing groups on musicianship and ensemble skills.

Lessons I offer include, at various levels:

  • Swedish, Southern Appalachian, Irish, bluegrass, English, Quebecois, and Klezmer fiddling
  • jazz and blues
  • classical violin
  • improvisation
  • theory and harmony
  • skills for playing by ear
  • skills for reading and writing music
  • practice skills
  • how to accompany vocals


  • Swedish music for fiddles
  • Swedish music for any instrument
  • traditions from Dalarna
  • improvisation
  • dance band (contra, English, Scandinavian)
  • harmony
  • I Love to Practice
  • skills for fiddle teachers


Scandia DC Spelmannslag is open to any musician. We meet on the third Saturday of the month (Sept.–May) from 7–8:30pm in Greenbelt, MD, to rehearse and play for dancing. I share leadership with Loretta Kelley, Göran Ohlsson, and others. Repertoire and other details are posted on the Scandia DC website. www.scandiadc.org

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